Monday January 03, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up (Mon Dec. 27 - Sun Jan 2)

Zodiac Onblack

Happy 2005

It's been a wet week. Lots of storms passing through. We've had rain followed by sun and blue sky, followed by more rain. The snow level has gotten down to 300 feet according to the weather reports, which means that if we could see Mt. Diablo (barring the fog) we'd see snow on the peak.

Last week's computer gremlins returned to nibble at us all when our friends tried to upgrade the OS and the system crashed. So friend Bruce drove the computer back down to us on Tuesday. We reinstalled it (and reinstalled it). We tried to upgrade it. Finally we ended up simply replacing it entirely. Rich found a 450 MHz blue & white G3 on for a good price. We swapped that for one of our machines (our 300 MHz media-server), then gave the hardware for the media server to the friends and are giving the "intermittently unstable" box to yet another friend whose son wants to try Mac OS X. That friend loves to tinker with hardware so this should be a good deal all around. ...
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