Sunday December 19, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Mon Dec 13 - Sun Dec 19)

It's been a pretty week overall, in the high 60s mostly.

On Monday I went to the PO to mail some packages. There was an envelope from the second grade class I volunteered with, containing notes from the kids. Awww.

I used up the leftover cranberry sauce from our turkey dinners by making my favorite cranberry jello fruit salad. I gave a quarter of it to a friend of ours who had commented how tasty it is.

The Company held a "white elephant gift exchange". They did it as one of those where you can choose to keep what you picked or trade with someone else. (Hint: Don't get attached to anything). I got stuck with a box of incense sticks. I was mentioning it to everyone I saw afterwards ("do you know anyone who burns incense?"). I found someone who did and I now have a very happy co-worker. I'm happy too.

Actually, I got what I wanted, which was the gift bag for another gift. The person who grabbed that one didn't want the bag so I snagged it. It's got a cute snowman on it.

The woman who ended up with the gift I brought is very happy with it (she traded the gift she "won" for "mine"). It's a small "aquarium" with two plastic fish that swim around and look quite real. She said she wishes she could have real fsh in her cube but is afraid they'd die. So she has fish and we're both happy. ...
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