Monday November 29, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Nov 22 - 28)

This was a short week with a long weekend. That's the best kind!

I put my Job home directory into my iPod so I can carry it between the Job and home without having to carry the laptop. I plug the iPod in at the Company, work, then log out, unmount and eject the iPod, bring it home, plug it into my personal laptop at home, log in, and continue to work.

Dumbo mis-set the microwave on Tuesday and converted her lunch into charcoal briquets (i.e. I ran the convection microwave for 20 minutes on High instead of low-mix bake and turned two ham & cheese croissant into char and tar). I also filled the living room and kitchen area with smoke down to about 18" off the floor. Luckily, only one cat was in that part of the house and he was below the smoke; I wasn't. I coughed, I hacked. I took Bebop downstairs, then opened all the windows, turned on the ceiling fans and the porch fan, opened the front door, got two more portable fans, coughed, wheezed, closed off the bedroom wing, took Squirrel and Raven downstairs, coughed, apologized to Bebop who gave me a look. I could still taste smoke for the rest of the day. I left the fans running till Rich got home. The house smelled bad for the rest of the week. :-( ...
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