Monday November 22, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Nov 15 - 22)

It was foggy for much of this week, starting very foggy in the mornings but clearing by noonish.

Tuesday marked week 3 of Junior Achievement. This activity went much better than last week's.

We had a raccoon visitation on Tuesday night. That was a lot of fun (as usual). I worked onsite all day Wednesday. I had two meetings in the afternoon with only an hour between them, so I decided not to go home and come back. Then I stayed till 4:30 and when I went home, I went Home.

On Thursday, we learned that the new iPod Photos were in the Apple store. Woo Hoo! Rich drove down and picked one up and had a mocha with a friend who works at Apple. I waited till the weekend to unpack it, however.

Thursday night the Company held a pre-Thanksgiving potluck to which spouses and families were invited. The turkey was delicious as were the turtle bars and pumpkin cookies. I was able to introduce Rich to some of my co-workers and I think he enjoyed himself. ...
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