Tuesday November 16, 2004


After we got in from the hot tub tonight, and were sitting cooling down in the sunroom, I heard noises. A raccoon was out on the deck patting at the sunroom door!

I went over and knelt down on the floor and looked out at him. He thought that was fun. Then I saw a second one coming down the fence (by the gate) as if down a ladder. Unfortunately, his feet had slipped off the last "rung" and he was hanging there, about 8" from the deck, not quite sure how far down it was! After a bit he managed to get a footing and came down. Then he came over and looked in the window at me!

Bebop came over and looked at the raccoons too. Ooh. What are those?

Rich said they must be saying "marshmallows?", so I went up and got some marshmallows, peanuts, and dog biscuits and went out on the upper back porch. ...
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Marshmallows??? ( in category Nature/Cats , Treasures ) - posted at Tue, 16 Nov, 23:45 Pacific