Monday November 15, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Nov 8 - Nov 14)

We are still enjoying our new rugs ;-)

It was a slow week...

Nothing of record really happened between Monday and Friday. Mostly, I worked. I came home. I read. I went to bed.

Tuesday was my second week for Junior Achievement. This activity was... not well designed. I plan to start reworking the activities from now on.

We had a Benefits presentation at The Company on Monday. I thought it could have been better organized. All of the most important information (e.g. how to enroll, what is the deadline for enrollment) was at the very end.

Rich's brother and his family were in the North Bay for a brief visit so Rich drove up to Forestville on Friday to see his friends who live there and to meet his brother for the day.

I spent much of Saturday trying to debug SpamAssassin (the anti-spam email filter we use).

I also put together a weblog for a friend of ours.

Sunday was spent reading or napping, both activities in the presence of feline balls of fur. ...
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