Monday November 08, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Mon Nov 1 - Sun Nov 7)

Autumn is more than half over. It's November already. Thanksgiving is the end of this month. Yikes.

There's been more light when I wake up. That's the only positive thing about Daylight Spending Time.

I wandered down to Target at lunchtime on the 1st. They didn't have any of the furry Elmo costumes I saw last week and didn't buy but they did have a Sully costume (no face) — a big fuzzy blue and purple thing. I plan to sew the gloves onto the wrists, close the face and bottom of the feet, give him eyes and a nose and stuff him. ...
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Weekly Wrap-up (Mon Nov 1 - Sun Nov 7) ( in category Gemisch/Gallimaufry ) - posted at Mon, 08 Nov, 23:09 Pacific