Tuesday October 26, 2004

Around the Bay Area in 90 days

We've had our Scion XB for 90 days and just over 3000 miles now and I still love it! It's a cute little car and soooo comfortable.

It's averaging about 27 mpg - not quite the advertised 32, but not too shabby. It's fun to drive and easy to park. The other night we drove it into the City and parked in a space between two driveways. We weren't sure we would fit but we did (with 6 inches to spare)!

I've had a few more people ask about it. I tell them to try one. Sit in it. Take a test drive. You may be convinced the same way we were.

Around the Bay Area in 90 days ( in category Trivial Pursuits ) - posted at Tue, 26 Oct, 20:42 Pacific