Wednesday October 13, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Mon Oct 4 - Sun Oct 10)

After a lot of effort (and completely replacing Palm Desktop with Apple's iSync and The Missing Sync (Mark/Space), I finally got my new Kyocera handheld to sync! The "missing" piece appears to have been that I needed a newer and better USB hub.

We had a fire drill at The Company on Tuesday. That horn is brutal! It's also 3 feet (horizontally) and 3 ft (vertically) from my head. Ouch!

In other Job-related news, I met with our HR manager. She's confident that she can resolve my telecommuting difficulties.

We had a delivery at the house on Wednesday — 4 new monitors. These are 19" CRT monitors that can handle 1600 x 1200 resolution. We spent part of Wednesday evening swapping monitors around. Now I have three very nice, very new, very high-res screens.

On Thursday we stopped into Staples and bought me a set of monitor "lifter-uppper" stands (and the aforementioned USB hub).

On Friday, on one of my occasional "get out of the building, get some air, and walk around the block" jaunts, I saw the cutest little bird. He was bright yellow with black stripes. I looked him up in the Bird book when I got home. He's called a "Townsend's warbler". He flew into a bush and I looked in at him. He was maybe 6 or 8 feet away. Wow.

On Saturday, I did my good deed for the month (at least) before breakfast. I saved a little Yorkiedog from being flattened! We came out of the house just as the Yorkie got out of a car in the parking lot at the park across the street. He saw us and came running to greet us (with his human shouting to him). We heaard the shouting and turned and saw the doggie as he had almost reached the street. Rich yelled and clapped loudly and I started toward the doggie figuring he'd stop if I was coming. He did! And that was good because a big car was coming up the hill.

I held up my hands and waved and yelled and the car stopped. Then I scooped up doggums and returned him to his VERY worried person. Nice little doggie. He kept trying to lick my face. I like Yorkies.

Sunday, around 3 pm, Rich suggested we go for a walk. We went down to the near trail. It was a nice day, a bit bright in the sun. We saw a great big bird - either a turkey vulture or a hawk. He kept "buzzing" the trail. At times he was less than 20 feet above us! Gorgeous. Just gliding on the air. He was brown with black marks on the back not all black and largely brown from the underside. He was certainly a handsome bird, whatever kind it was!

A bit further on we saw a mama Mule deer and her two fawns. The babies were so cute. Their ears are as long as their heads!

On the return walk I saw two pretty butterflies, one mostly yellow with black spots and white spots on the wing tips, the other a bright orange and black with white spots on the wing tips. I _think_ it was a Red Admiral and a Painted Lady; the description at says about the Red Admiral ... "it is not unusual to see them chasing each other or Painted Ladies ..." and that's what the mostly black one was doing - chasing the yellow one.

I'm still reading Deathstalker, by Simon Green (but I'm very close to the end).

I also read Shakespeare's Trollop, by Charleaine Harris. I didn't like it. I really like her Sookie Stackhouse books (Dead Until Dark and others). But this book was episodic and choppy. It also read like the second or even third in a series (although no previous books were listed in the front). Apparently this publisher is re-issuing the books and bringing them out in non-chronological (and therefore quite confusing) order. According to the Barnes & Noble website, this is actually the fourth book in the series! No wonder I didn't "get" most of the references. (I hate it when publishers do that!)

In between and around the rest, I've had several naps, good meals, and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends, and snuggles with the cats.

Onward and Upward.

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