Tuesday October 12, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Mon Oct 4 - Sun Oct 10)

After a lot of effort (and completely replacing Palm Desktop with Apple's iSync and The Missing Sync (Mark/Space), I finally got my new Kyocera handheld to sync! The "missing" piece appears to have been that I needed a newer and better USB hub.

We had a fire drill at The Company on Tuesday. That horn is brutal! It's also 3 feet (horizontally) and 3 ft (vertically) from my head. Ouch!

In other Job-related news, I met with our HR manager. She's confident that she can resolve my telecommuting difficulties. ...
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Weekly Wrap-up (Mon Oct 4 - Sun Oct 10) ( in category Gemisch/Gallimaufry ) - posted at Tue, 12 Oct, 01:18 Pacific