Thursday October 07, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Mon Sept 27 - Sun Oct 3)

Autumn days. Autumn nights. Fog on the car windows in the mornings. Blue skies in the afternoons.

Another quiet week. Not much going on.

It's annual review time at the Company for people who were regular FTEs before July 1 so, not for me this time. Employees with regular status after July 1 will be reviewed next April and their bonuses will be prorated to include time before October 1.

I finally got my new registration allowing me to put my personalized license plates on the Scion! That certainly took long enough. (Neither Rich nor I is convinced that it was a DMV requirement that I wait for a plate to be issued so I could request to replace it with the plates I already had. We have a sneaking suspicion this was a dealer "requirement").

One of the displays on my computer died. This is the second of the Apple "space bubble" displays to die (and a third has been fratzing a lot) so we decided to replace all three of mine with a new model that has higher resolution. I ordered a set of AOC 9GLR displays. They're very nice; I have one at The Job. It's a 19" color display that can handle 1600 by 1280 resolution at 75 Hz.

I've been reading Deathstalker, by Simon Green. It's "space opera" (epic fantasy set in a technological galaxy far far away). It's a great story and I'm enjoying it immensely. I like to savor this kind of book and also, sometimes, I want to read something lighter, so I also read The Ghost and Mrs. McClure, by Alice Kimberly. This is the first in a promising new series. I'm looking forward to the second book.

In between and around the rest, I've had several naps, good meals, interesting conversations with Spouse and friends, and snuggles with the cats. I haven't solved my telecommuting problem but I am still hopeful. I meet with HR this coming week.

Onward and Upward.

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