Tuesday September 21, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up ( Monday Sept 13 - Sunday Sept 19)

It's been distinctly autumnal. it's a bit cool in the mornings but what I notice most is the angle of the light. It just feels... like... fall. Not my favorite season, fall. It leads into winter which is my decidedly least favorite season. Ugh.

I worked from home on Tuesday. I had approval from my senior director (the person I report to) for me to start working from home two days a week. It was wonderful. It took a little while to get everything connected but then I did nine and a half hours without once feeling like I had to "get away". I planned to work at home again on Thursday.

On Wednesday morning, I made a seriously stupidly naive mistake and notified the company of my new schedule so that people could find me if they needed to. It never occurred to me to keep things secret. I don't much care for secrets anyway.

Dumb. Dumb. DUMB.

At 4:35 on Wednesday afternoon (5 minutes after I should have left for home but hadn't done so yet) my same senior director came in and informed me that my work at home plan was summarily cancelled. I was fubar'd.

So, Thursday I did not work at home. Thursday I worked with gritted teeth. Thursday passed very slowly.

Friday a co-worker commented that he'd like to telecommute. I told him my story. He expressed shock, disbelief and sympathy and suggested I not give up on the idea. I'm not giving up. I can't give up.

Friday I left work an hour early to visit the chiropractor. Stress knots up my neck something awful. If anything interesting happened on either Thursday or Friday I missed it... :-( ...
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