Wednesday September 15, 2004

We Didn't Buy It For Its Looks

scionred Although, to be honest, it draws the eye. :-)

Yesterday as I walked out of the grocery store to my car, I was behind another shopper. As he passed behind our Scion XB (about 10 feet in front of me) he turned slightly, looked at it, and pronounced "That sure is an ugly car".

I exclaimed "No it's not! It's cute!". He had the grace to look embarrassed and say "I didn't realize it was yours and you were right behind me."

But he stopped and I said "Seriously, it has a lot going for it. It has about 4 inches more head room than most cars and visibility to spare. And it's got a lot of legroom for the rear passengers. It's nice to drive too."

He agreed on the headroom (he said he bumps his head in his car). He also agreed that visibility is a good thing; he said he'd tried a Dodge Magnum and it was extremely comfortable but had essentially no visibility.

I agreed that the Scion is funny looking, mentioning that Rich has said that if we were buying a car for its looks we wouldn't have bought this one. I also mentioned that Rich says the Scion looks like "the box the car came in".

I guess I did a good sales job because the last thing the man said as we parted was "I'll have to get my wife down to try one out..."

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