Monday August 30, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up ( Monday Aug 23 - Sunday Aug 29)

As I type this, two soft balls of fluff relax nearby... the 40-pound marshmallow (aka the 20-pound pink Maine Coon) is sprawled tummy up on my desk. The Big Red Cat is by my elbow in "his place".

The weather has been interesting this week. It was cool and foggy until Thursday. Thursday through Saturday it was hot; it was 85 F in the kitchen (and 101 on the screenporch (with the windows open)) on Friday! The cats avoided the screenporch and hunted cooler climes... Sunday, it started to cool down again; we saw wisps of fog to the northwest in the afternoon. At least our heatwaves rarely last more than a few days.

I've been getting in to The Job by 7:30 am. I can do it and it gives me a good hour and a half before anyone else shows up; it also gives me the opportunity to head out earlier or run an errand and not feel like I've shortchanged the project.

We had dinner at one of our local Mexican restaurants on Monday night. They have great chile verde. Unfortunately, they also have a waitress with an attitude. On any given night, her English is proportional to her mood. She must have been in a pretty sour mood on Monday night. :-(

I ordered my usual dinner — a chile verde super burrito, wet, and a side of chile verde, ala carte, no rice, no beans. I got a chile verde super burrito, wet, no rice, no beans. It was good but strange... kinda ... narrow. ...
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