Saturday August 28, 2004

Not So Friendly Skies

I don't fly much anymore (hey; I don't travel if I can help it). But I used to fly at least twice a year — to conferences, mostly, and sometimes to visit relatives. I can remember at least half a dozen times that we called the airline the day before we were supposed to fly home and changed our flight (usually to fly home earlier). The only hassle was making the phone call and sitting on "hold for a few minutes.

Those days seem to be gone, at least if you fly USAir.

My parents flew into San Francisco on Thursday night. The plan was that they'd fly back out (to Las Vegas) on Saturday, to visit my mother's sister for a few days, then return to SFO and stay with us for a week. So far so good and they did fly to Las Vegas on Saturday. But there was a glitch in the plans. ...
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