Friday August 20, 2004


The problem with a Full Time Job (especially one outside the house) is that there's so little time left over for Real Life. Sigh.

I make myself little notes throughout the day of things I want to remember to do that evening (or some evening) or the coming weekend. Then, when I get home, none of those things seem very important or urgent anymore. My primary interests when I get home are cats, nap, book... maybe I'll check my email. Sometimes I have an iChat with my Dad. I try to get in at least a half mile on the treadmill. I do laundry some afternoons... And of course, then Rich comes home and we figure out what to do about dinner.

My favorite evening activity is sitting on our La-Z-Boy couch in the living room with Rich on the matching La-Z-Boy chair across the room. We each have our feet up; we each have a book to read.

If we're lucky, we each have a cat. If we're really lucky, one of us will get two cats!

Although Mezzaluna does tend to disturb the reading (that book is in my way. Pet me; I'm here!), still, I look forward to her gracing me with her fluffy presence. I get a little less reading done but I feel better for it.

Tonight all six of us were in the living room. Rich and I were reading. Bebop was melted into the opposite corner of the couch. Raven was on the table by the window (just past my elbow). Mezzaluna was upside down on her favorite end table. Squirrel was sogged into the remaining armchair. Now That's what I call a Good Night at Home with Family.

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