Sunday August 15, 2004

The Official Sandra Boynton Website

I just love the drawings of Sandra Boynton; I've loved her since 1975! I never throw away any calendars or greeting cards she's designed (and I buy Boynton greeting cards just for me, to keep!).

AUT_2083We have two Boynton stuffytoy hippies, George and Martha, on the headboard of our bed. (George and Martha are named after the titular characters in a children's book by another author/illustrator, James Marshall).

I am therefore especially pleased to discover as well as to announce that there is an Official Sandra Boynton Web Site. Books and plushies are available for your own family to adopt! (Decisions, decisions :-)

Be sure to visit the No-Mind Entertainment page which offers "two portals into hitherto unexplored territory. Behind these doors there are for you unfathomable experiences — although, we regret to say, you will find no ladies, tigers, or major appliances."

The Official Sandra Boynton Website ( in category Special Interests ) - posted at Sun, 15 Aug, 11:06 Pacific