Thursday June 24, 2004

Threesome By Three

[ Today's meme covers three sets of questions from Thursday Threesome ]
June 17, 2004
::Things that go bump in the night::

Onesome: Things that go-
What's the strangest contraption you've ever had to use to get from point A to point B?

Twosome: Bump-
Have you ever hurt yourself doing something you weren't supposed to be doing?

Threesome: In the night-
Do you believe in things that go bump in the night or anything supernatural?

June 10, 2004
"When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do." -- Walt Disney

Onesome: When you're curious-
Is there a specific subject you're especially curious about? A person? A region of the world? An animal? A field of study?

Twosome: you find lots of interesting-
What do you consider your most interesting trait/ feature?

Threesome: things to do-
What's on your list of things to do everyday, whether you want to or not? Filing, phone calls, homework, chasing around after kiddos, cooking, cleaning, etc.

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