Sunday June 20, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Sunday June 13 - Saturday June 19)

The weather has been variable all week: foggy, blue, drizzly, warm, cool, windy, still.

Rich was out of town last weekend, as was our friend Gene. So I went to Fresh Choice for dinner Sunday (as I try to do whenever Rich is out of town) but sadly, had no one to go with. So I sat and people-watched and ate tapioca pudding.

There was a major Oops over the weekend at The Company; a water leak from the second floor resulted in the presence of large industrial dehumidifiers in my corner of the building all last week.

Rich got home Monday night. We spent about an hour unpacking the new insulating lid for the hot tub, tearing up the old one, cleaning the tub, putting the new lid in place and re-filling the tub. Unfortunately, as we did all of this after 7pm, the tub was not hot enough to use that night. Sigh. It was delightful the next night and, for a while, we've got 4by4's on the lid to hold it down — a brandnew hot-tub lid doesn't weigh much and May and June are the windy months in San Bruno. ...
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