Friday June 04, 2004

Week 5 on The Job

Today marked the end of my 5th week on The Job (depending how one counts; I started on a Tuesday and there has been one holiday). The Job was originally spec'd as a 6-week temporary contract. Now the question is — will they keep me on?

This particular contract is short-term, but if you are enthusiastic, do good work, and we like you, there might be more work in the future.

I've tried to be enthusiastic (hmmm... I've actually left a few meetings wondering if I've been perhaps too enthusiastic...). I believe I've done good work. I surely hope they like me; I've received complimentary feedback from several co-workers.

I'd like to stay on. ...
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Week 5 on The Job ( in category Trivial Pursuits ) - posted at Fri, 04 Jun, 22:34 Pacific