Saturday May 22, 2004

Some of My Favorite things

There are lots of weblog memes (shared prompts and ideas) and email questionaires that ask "What's your favorite food? Your favorite color? Your favorite ice cream?..."

One of my online writing groups (Personal Writing) does a single weekly topic — the topic for last week was "Your Favorite Things". The prompt was to choose one or more than one. Write about why the things you chose are favorites. What do they mean to you?

This isn't just a list of one element favorites in a set of pre-chosen categories. There's no reason why someone can't have multiple favorite things in a given "category" or why the categories themsselvs must be "logical" or narrow. In fact, I believe that most people don't have one single always favorite whatever-it-is (food, ice cream, piece of music). I certainly don't.

In my writing group, one man wrote about many of his favorite books, with a paragraph for each describing what made that book special. One woman mentioned her favorite color (green) and then went on to write about her other favorite colors, eventually concluding that she likes every color (at different times) except yellow aand purple. Another woman mused on chocolate until I could almost taste it and described things that help to define the shades of blue to which she is most partial — a lake, the sky at twilight, or a piece of turquoise.

Our favorites may shift with our moods. Some nights you may just want to sit quietly and read; other times you may want to be sociable. You may consider both of these to be favorite pasttimes. I love to sit and read, or play with the computer, or go out to dinner, but parties, clubbing, or after-work drinks will never make my top 10 list!

The categories you choose, and the favorites you pick for those categories, define who you are, as does the way you choose to talk about your favorites.

What are some of your "favorite things"?

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