Wednesday May 19, 2004

My Morning Start

I have been enjoying Atkins Morning Start breakfast cereal, specifically the Almond Crunch and the Banana Nut Harvest. (The Blueberry was too blueberryey for me and too sweet). The cereal is nice and crunchy and tasty. I like flake cereal.

I've been eating 2/3 cup every morning with a banana sliced in. (Don't tell me bananas have carbs. I eat fruit; live with it.) I also mix in a cup of Brown Cow Farms yogurt. I remove the cream layer from the whole milk version. (And yes, I know that Atkins doesn't "allow" yogurt, but South Beach does, so there).

It's a nice filling breakfast and I find that I can withstand the temptations of the donuts, crullers, crumbcakes, bagels, and assorted naughty free food at The Job if I've had breakfast before I go in.

My Morning Start ( in category Gemisch/Gallimaufry ) - posted at Wed, 19 May, 19:23 Pacific