Sunday May 09, 2004

Whew! It's Windy!

We were out in the hot tub, making like hippos with only our eyes, ears and noses above water, watching the trees in the Back 40 swaying. We've got a local weather advisory for the airport (SFO; 5 mi south-west of our house as the seagull flies) — west winds 25 to 35 kt with occasional gusts near 40 kt. Unfortunately, our anemometer is busted and currently reads 0 all the time, so I don't know exactly how windy it is at our house, but it's windy.

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Weekly Wrap-up (May 2 - May 8)

The past week was very busy (if not very interesting) because I started a new job on Tuesday. So, 9 hours a day (except 8 on Tuesday) was spent in a small, dark, cubicle exploring the new job. I have a computer; I have a keyboard. trackball, and small whiteboard (brought from home). I have a ball to sit on. I have wrist rests; I have the keyboard holder arranged to my liking. What I don't have, yet, is much work to do. Wish me luck that will change soon.

The Camry spouted a small radiator leak on Thursday night as Rich was driving home, so we got up at 6:30 Friday morning and went down to the Auto Repair shop at 7 to drop off the car. Then we dropped me off at my job at 7:25 and Rich took the Corolla down to his job. So I managed to get in 9 and a quarter hours. I could have taken the bus home in the afternoon; as it turns out; the bus runs every half hour and stops about a block from where I work. T the other end, it stops just over the hill from our house. ...
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Weekly Wrap-up (May 2 - May 8) ( in category Gemisch/Gallimaufry ) - posted at Sun, 09 May, 20:57 Pacific