Tuesday May 04, 2004

New Job - First Day

I hate first days. I'm not crazy about first weeks.

I started my new job today with a short IT orientation at 9:00. Actually, the orientation didn't start till almost 9:30 because I was the only one there. Then the second person showed up about 10 minutes into the short presentation (which the IT guy restarted) and the third person showed up a little after that. By then, I could probably have given the short IT presentation. The other two people were coming from what I would consider an uncomfortable distance away. One came from Walnut Creek. (When we first got to the Bay Area, we lived in Walnut Creek for 3 months and I commuted to South San Francisco. It was torturous!) The other person came up from Los Gatos. Gah! That's further south than Campbell (where I worked last Fall) and in the major commute direction. Ugh!

I got a computer by noon. The good news is that it's a Powermac G4 running Mac OS X. The bad news is that it's a 15" laptop. Sigh. I brought in my trackball today and I borrowed a USB keyboard for most of the day; being a Windoze keyboard, the command and option (Windowze and Alt) keys were in the "wrong" order, so I'll bring in a Mac keyboard tomorrow.

With assistance from Facilities (called for this reason) we found the switch to turn on the overhead fluorescents. This is another Clan of the Cave People — most of the engineers like to work in the dark with just the light from their screens and maybe a desk lamp. Blech!. I truly do not understand these people who want to sit in the dark; even before I realized how affected I was by the ambient light, I never turned everything off! I remember turning off one or two bulbs to reduce glare, or running incandescent lamps reflecting off the ceiling but I never sat in the dark with just the light from my screen!

There's a window on the other side of the cubicle partition (beyond the corridor). If I look in just the right direction I can see a little piece of it.

Sigh. It's a 6-week contract; I will survive. If it looks like the job can be extended for longer, I'll try to negotiate for at least half time off site. At the job site I have a 6x6 cubicle, a laptop with one 15", a truly uncomfortable chair (which I plan to rectify tomorrow), abysmally poor lighting, too much noise, and multiple distractions, including people walking by all day, cel phones ringing, voices heard down the hall... At home I have a 12' by 15' office, 4 cats, 3 17" screens, plenty of light, very little noise, and essentially no distractions. And I'm only 10 minutes away by car. But in return for all of the inconveniences and productivity reducers, they will pay me. Yech! Ptooie!.

Tomorrow is another day. Onward and upward.

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