Friday April 09, 2004

Fast Women

Fast Women is another "must read" book by contemporary romance author Jennifer Crusie. You'll feel that the characters are people you know well; you won't like all of them, but then, that's to be expected. The dialog is brisk and fun to read. Riley McKenna, in particular, exhibits a dry sense of humor I really liked. I like Riley a lot. I also like his cousin Gabe and the sisters-in-law: Nell, Suze, and Margie. I don't much like the women's (ex)husbands, but then, I'm not really supposed to. As cads, however, they are expertly well-drawn.

Fast Women is about relationships, embezzlement, dog-napping, adultery, blackmail, "finding" yourself, starting over, ugly business cards, a 20-year-old suicide, 63-year-old office furniture, murder, and sex. Try it. I really liked it. ...
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