Wednesday March 31, 2004

Wild Cat Adventure III

Wild Cat Adventure is an educational outreach program covering the San Francisco Bay Area. The program is run by Rob and Barbara Dicely of Leopards, Etc..

The Diceleys are concerned about the fate of the animals on this planet. They believe in preventing extinction through education. Believing it's more difficult for most people to care for something they have never seen, Rob and Barbara bring their "ambassador cats" to approximately 150 invited programs a year, mostly at schools.

Several years ago, they expanded their work to include additional public outreach programs geared to families. They present four of these programs in the Spring and four more in the Fall.

Rich and I attended our third Wild Cat Adventure program on Sunday, March 28. (see WCA I and WCA II for details of past programs). This time, we arrived early enough for front row seats! (Actually, second row seats; the front row is blocked off to prevent anyone from getting too close and startling the cats). ...
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