Wednesday March 17, 2004

Spam in my mailbox?

Spam in my mailbox? I cannot utter enough expletives to describe the depth of my revulsion for spam. Spam on my blog? Sailors, cover your ears.

[ cf. Fighting Blog Spam, March 8, 2004 ]

If I never again see an "enlargement comment" I will be a very happy camper. I am so sick and tired of deleting this garbage/slime/crap/encroaching nastiness that has been infiltrating my otherwise happy little backwater weblog.

And now, thanks to Pariah (for showing me the light), and to Jay Allen for sparking the light, the lamp, the torch in the darkness (i.e. MT-Blacklist) my weblog is gonna be MINE all Mine once again.

Pariah - You have my everlasting and fervent thanks!

Jay - Ditto; ( amazing page :-)

Spammers - see a later [sic] ... or never

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Channeling Harry Homeowner - Table for Six

Our dining table is revamped and can seat six comfortably; 8 or 10 if they're really god friends :-).

After we finished our kitchen / dining room re-flooring project, we decided to replace our previous dining table. The new "table" is actually composed of two, 2.5' x 4', blond wood tables. Rich had to slice a bit off the legs of one to make them the same height (in theory, they were purchased as "identical" tables, but theory and practice differ more in practice than in theory).

Because we had actually two tables and wanted them to appear to be one table, I went out and bought a vinyl tablecloth at Target. The tablecloth was meant to cover a 4 x 6 table; ours was 4 x 5. We had space... So we got to talking, and thinking... and designing.

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