Tuesday March 16, 2004

Last of the Purple Prompts (week of 3/7)

What is your favorite season? Why?

My favorite season is Spring! Spring! Spring!

The days get LONGER again (the sun won't set today until 6:15 today, with twilight for another half hour after that! . The air is cool to warm, but rarely hot or cold. I can open the windows again for the kitties to smell the air and listen to the sounds outside. The hills are still green from winter (winter is our rainy season here), not yet brown (summer). Ornamental flowering trees are bursting with buds and color. There are some incredible puffy yellow things and the plums are frothy pink. There are daffodils and Cala lilies and even tulips. Years ago, someone planted patches of daffodils along the highway south of here, in an area that's mostly cow pasture; this is a great time to drive through there!.

What is your favorite type of day weather wise? Why?

We've been having it all week - blue sky, "room temperature" warm weather, a few clouds, clear to the horizon. No rain, not too hot, a light breeze. I can walk out of the house without a jacket or sweater. A sparkly, crystalline day! ...
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