Tuesday February 24, 2004

Linoleum, Carpet, Wood, or Tile?

What kind of flooring do you prefer?

I grew up in a house that had linoleum floors upstairs and in the kitchen. It had wall-to-wall carpet in the living at dining rooms (at least from the time I was nine years old and those rooms were remodeled).

I don't quite know where I got my preference for wood, but I prefer wood floors with occasional throw rugs. Linoleum seems cold and... utilitarian. Wall to wall carpet is warm under my feet but it's boring and harder to clean and keep clean.

Tile can be pretty and it's water-resistant; we tiled our sunroom. Depending on the tile, it can be warmer than linoleum, although it's likely cooler than carpet. But then, tile can be sunwarmed...

Still, there is just something special about wood. I love wood — wood floors; wood furniture; unpainted, unvarnished, lightly treated (oiled) wood; even things that have the appearance of wood (though I draw the line at most wood-grain wall paneling products :) ...
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