Thursday February 19, 2004

Three More Questions

[ My responses to the other half of last week's writing prompts from Purple Ink, an eList for Journallers. If you keep an online (or offline) journal, consider joining Purple Ink. ]

Cartoon Characters
List your favorite cartoon characters.

Personality Trait
Name the personality trait you have tried hardest to change in yourself.

Childhood Books
Name your favorite book from childhood. ...
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Thursday Threesome: Serendipity

[ Today's meme is courtesy of Thursday Threesome ]
::Serendipity: Making fortunate discoveries by accident::

Onesome: Serendipity:-- Do you believe in destiny?

Twosome: Making fortunate discoveries-- What is your greatest "find"? Is it an antique you discovered tucked away at a garage sale? Or maybe something as simple as the great sale on khakis or lawn mowers at your favorite store?

Threesome: by accident-- Have you ever discovered a place entirely by accident and it's become a favourite place to go now? A hidden grove in the city park, a wonderful little coffee shop or restaurant, a treasure trove of a shop?

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Thursday Threesome: Serendipity ( in category Memes & Prompts ) - posted at Thu, 19 Feb, 10:29 Pacific