Tuesday February 17, 2004

Harry and Harriet Homeowner Do Laminate Flooring!

When we bought our house, it was not a fixer-upper. There were only a few things about it we wanted to change right at the beginning (such as the one wall of really ugly wall paper in the living room that came done the very next weekend). We've made some improvements over the years, but nothing major was required at the outset. AUT_2363

However, when we moved in, the kitchen and dining area were covered with cheap (thin, fuzzy, foam-backed, no pile) industrial carpeting. Now, carpet in a kitchen isn't a very good idea. First we had one major spill - chicken broth :-( - and then we discovered that the ice maker in the fridge was leaking. So up came the carpet in that area and down went "temporary" vinyl tile squares.

Over more time, the carpet and its foam backing material parted company, so the carpet in the dining area kept suffering "slippage". Chair legs would push it and tear a hole. Eventually, about 4 years ago, we tore out most of the carpet (except for under one or two heavy pieces of furniture) and scraped up the foam backing which was stuck to the linoleum flooring underneath. It was a nasty job but eventually accomplished. Then we lived with an ugly but very serviceable linoleum floor (ugly because it was still coated with a very thin layer of glue and grey foam dust).

Finally, this year, Rich has a good contract and we decided to re-floor the kitchen and dining room area. We chose Armstrong wood look laminate, in snap-lock boards.

This being a three-day weekend (what with President's Day on Monday) we decided to embark upon the kitchen/dining room reflooring project Saturday through Monday. ...
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