Monday February 09, 2004

Circle of Words - #6

Circle of Words is a weekly set of questions that are somewhat personal, spiritual, and will explore your inner most thoughts and feelings. Hopefully these questions will provide you with a little bit of personal therapy and allow your readers a little peek inside your soul.

Rendezvous with the Authentic Archaeologist

We cannot kindle when we will
The fire that in the heart resides
The spirit bloweth and is still
In mystery our soul abides.

-Matthew Arnold

Pretend you are an archaeologist and you are going back examining your own life. How many layers would there be? Meaning how many different people would you say you were... sure all of us were once a baby..then toddler...and so on...but at what point can you remember being a certain "someone" and than someday that certain "someone" evolved into another "someone". Different stages in our lives directly cause us to develop into a certain person that may not have been the same as the one before? How many layers do you have...and describe them the best you can. ...
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Sense of Self

[ Today's meme is courtesy of Saturday Senses ]

This week, I would like to make you all think about specific abilities we have through our senses, that we usually take for granted. The reason I want to do this is because since I started this meme, I had in mind that not everyone in the world can see and hear, etc, so I thought I´d call your attention to the subtleties that our senses allow us to perceive in our everyday life that we wouldn´t be able to perceive if part of our senses (or one sense completelly) was taken away from us. I hope you enjoy thinking about this.
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