Wednesday February 04, 2004

Circle of Words - #5

Circle of Words is a weekly set of questions that are somewhat personal, spiritual, and will explore your inner most thoughts and feelings. Hopefully these questions will provide you with a little bit of personal therapy and allow your readers a little peek inside your soul.

Creating an Authentic Lifestyle for Yourself and Those You Love

It's a funny thing about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.
-Somerset Maugham

1. Most people can learn to live without certain things in life. Patience allows you to wait gracefully and gratefully for the best to arrive and you know it will. Can you think back to any moment in your life where you thought something in particular would never come...and finally it did? If you think about it, whatever that thing was that finally did happen (or you did receive) was all because of choices that you made. What if you would have made a different choice than what you did...where do you think you would be today? ...
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Yogurt Making 101

girmiyoI bought a yogurt maker the other day. It looks easy enough to use. The maker comes with 7 too-cute little pear-shaped glass jars with plastic lids for storing in the fridge.

The instructions couldn't be much simpler. Start with 5 TBsp of natural unflavored yogurt (I bought Brown Cow whole-milk yogurt, not bad for plain yogurt) and 1 qt. of milk. Mix together, beat out the lumps, divide among the jars, set them in the machine, cover and plug it in. Come back in 6 to 10 hours. Then unplug, cover the jars and refrigerate for at last an hour.

I started the batch at 8:30 this morning so..... about 6:30 tonight we'll see what's what. ...
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