Sunday February 01, 2004

Share Where - World66

World66 calls itself "the largest open content travel guide on the internet" where "Open Content means that YOU can also contribute contents, writing articles or drawing maps!" ...
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Birthday Memories

[ I was the Writing Prompter for this week on Purple Ink. Here are the last two prompts for this week. ]

Saturday: It's your day to celebrate
When you were growing up, were birthdays treated specially? What made them special?

Sunday: I remember one year...
Do any of your birthdays stand out in your mind as being particularly memorable? What made them memorable? ...
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"Roll 'em" gets a new meaning!

The future of e-paper and rollable displays gets closer.

In a major step toward electronic paper that works like a computer monitor yet feels and behaves like a page of a book, researchers in the Netherlands have made electronic-ink displays on flexible plastic sheets.
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