Saturday January 24, 2004

Naughty Little Impulse

[ The following question comes courtesy of Saturday Slant ]
What is your naughty little impulse never acted upon? Ever wanted to kiss your boss? Do you often feel like telling your mother-in-law that she’s a self-centered, controlling witch—over Thanksgiving Dinner? Do you sometimes feel the compulsion to pick up your man’s dirty socks, which are constantly strewn about the floor irresponsibly, and ball it into his sleeping, snore-opened mouth? Ever wanted to steal something just for the thrill of it? Or is your impulse more along the lines of seducing that hunk from the mail room? Tell us about some naughty impulse you’ve had—or have frequently—and the circumstances surrounding it.
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Out of the Loop

[ Today's meme is courtesy of Thursday Threesome ]
Onesome: Out-- Are you getting out and about lately? ...or is school/the weather/work/illness keeping you cooped up inside?

Twosome: of the-- Blue? Does the Winter season 'get to you'? ...or do you handle it as well as you do Summer?

Threesome: Loop-- Hey, Spring is coming (and Winter is still here for some); do you have a loop you drive or walk to check out the scenery? What do you see when you're out and about?

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Surf Sense

[ Today's meme is coutresy of Saturday Senses ]
[sight]:: What is the most visually stunning website you know?

[taste]:: Can you order any kind of food through the web from where you live? Have you ever ordered?

[smell]:: With the digital scent technology developing, what would you like to smell over the internet and how do you think this will affect how we interact with the web?

[touch]:: How fast do you type and what kind of mouse do you use?

[hearing]:: Have you ever paid for downloading music from the internet? Do you usually hear music while you surf the net? What kind? Streaming or local?

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