Thursday January 22, 2004

Low Carb Granola

I love Granola. Unfortunately, we're presently on a long-term reduced carbohydrate adventure so most granolas are out for the time being. However, one of the women on the low-carb mailing list I'm on recently recommended a low-carb granola called "FlaxOMeal Granola" (Low-Carb Success brand). Several other women chimed in to agree that they think it's quite tasty.

I found some today while shopping at one of our local grocery stores (a small local chain called Mollie Stones, a bit upscale from Safeway :-) Mollie Stones has joined the Low-carb revolution, having recently installed a large endcap display at the front of the store, containing all sorts of varied low-carb products and "We Have Low-Carb" on a big sign. Cool. ...
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Cats and Mice

stuartkattshirt Cats and mice go together. That's what gives rise to all of the Cat and Mouse jokes for computer users. In my case, I don't use a typical mouse; I use a Kensington "Turbomouse" (i.e. a trackball). Nevertheless, the Universe has ensured that there's still a relationship. It's a hairy relationship.

Today I had to take my trackball apart and clean out the accumulated cat hair. With four cats, there's cat hair in the air. Plus, Bebop occasionally sits on the trackball. And, of course, cat hair just... is. It wraps around the little wheels inside the trackball housing. I know I need to clean out the fluff when the ball spins and the cursor doesn't move in one dimension. Then out comes the micro screwdriver and I open the trackball housing. ...
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