Wednesday January 21, 2004

Childhood Memories, Childhood Books

A friend of mine wrote to me
... Clare Turlay Newberry - one of my all time favorite authors of children's books/illustrator of cats. She wrote and illustrated Pandora, the book from my childhood. ... I finally, after many years, have purchased Pandora and am looking forward to receiving the book. As a child, I wanted Pandora as my cat so much.

From my friend's glowing description, I hunted up a copy of Pandora for myself and am now also a fan of the drawings of Clare Turlay Newberry. Her cats are so real; how could I resist them?

A few days later my friend wrote

[My copy of Pandora] arrived today too. I almost cried when I opened it - like seeing an old friend. I don't remember there being color on the cover! Does yours have the paper cover? This one does. It shows its age - geez almost as old as I am (I was two when it was published)! Let's just say it shows much less wear than I do...

But as I reread Pandora's story...well, you know. Finally getting this book is a small treasure to the little girl that lies within...yes, still there even after 60 years...isn't that amazing?

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Purple Prompts #1-#3

There were 10 writing prompts this week on Purple Ink, so I'll be posting a few at a time over more than one day. Remember: if you like journal writing, join Purple Ink!

  1. List the contents of your purse or carryall.
  2. List all the jobs you've ever had.
  3. List everything you have accomplished today, no matter how small.
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