Saturday January 17, 2004

Gone Crazy. Back Soon!

[ this question courtesy of Past, Present, Future Round 48 ]
PAST: Been crazy once?

PRESENT: What drives you absolutely crazy?

FUTURE: Figure you'll go crazy someday?

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Gone Crazy. Back Soon! ( in category Memes & Prompts ) - posted at Sat, 17 Jan, 21:25 Pacific

Opossums - Up Close and Personal

Brenda Ice, a friend of a friend has been doing possum rehab! What a neat idea.

BrendaPossbabe5 Take a look at some of the photos of the baby possums (scroll down when you get to the photo page, but slowly; enjoy the photos of the cats and the deer on your way to the possums :-).

My friend sent out email announcing that she had posted several of Brenda's photos and her possum story to (my friend's) web site. My immediate response was

Ohmygooodness. What an utterly darling baby!
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Opossums - Up Close and Personal ( in category Nature/Cats ) - posted at Sat, 17 Jan, 14:17 Pacific