Wednesday January 14, 2004

Living a Faery Tale Life

[ Today's meme is courtesy of Saturday Slant, week 41 ]
If you were banished from reality into a faery tale of your choice, which would it be, which character would you choose to become, and why? This is a classic Saturday Slant revisited. Would you be Snow White, destined to be rescued by, and live happily ever after with, Prince Charming? Or would you choose someone who’s entire fate is not yet written, one of the Seven Dwarves, for example, so that you might reap the benefits of choosing your own path? There are easy, glib answers; and then there are deeper, more meaningful answers waiting within your heart and mind. Which will you choose?

I rather like one woman's response to this question. She said she would choose the role of Princess Fiona in Shrek. I liked her reasoning. But that's her story, not mine. ...
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