Saturday January 10, 2004


[ Today's meme is courtesy of Saturday Senses, week 20 ]
How about some whining and complaining this week?

[sight]:: Name 2 things that annoy you on/about television.

[taste]:: Name 2 of the worst tasting foods or drinks you ever had.

[smell]:: Name 2 smells that you can´t stand and why:

[touch]:: Name 2 things (objects, body parts, etc...) that you don´t like other people to touch and why.

[hearing]:: What are the 2 sounds/noises that most irritate you and why?

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Annoyansenses ( in category Memes & Prompts ) - posted at Sat, 10 Jan, 09:02 Pacific

2003 Year End Survey

[ There is no Friday 5 for this week. So we bring you a Year-End Survey,. Better a week late than not at all ]

I found this survey on the web and modified it slightly. If you like, copy the questions and answer them in your own weblog, journal, email, or here in the comments. There are 42 questions. ...
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