Friday December 19, 2003

Accomplishments, Past, Present & Future

[This question comes courtesy of "Past, Present, Future", a blog meme on the web at Sadly, I only recently discovered PPF; it's already in its 42nd week and the founder plans to stop after one year. Sigh; well, that's what archives are for.]

I posted this question to my new Yahoo group, InsPURRation.

PAST: What would you consider your first real accomplishment in life? We're talking about something you put real, conscious effort into, here.

PRESENT: What are you working on now that you're hoping to have accomplished soon?

FUTURE: What accomplishment would you like to be remembered for? (Hint: This is where you could get away with making up something delightfully improbable.)

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Accomplishments, Past, Present & Future ( in category Memes & Prompts ) - posted at Fri, 19 Dec, 11:31 Pacific

100 Years of Technology

[This question comes courtesy of The Listening Post, a blog meme inspired by scifi & fantasy.]

This week's question was inspired by something many of us dread — a fatal hard disk crash and the loss of most of the data thereon. Ouch!

How dependent are you on technology? If all of the technology invented in the past 100 years disappeared tomorrow, how would you react? What do you think your life would be like without technology?
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100 Years of Technology ( in category Memes & Prompts ) - posted at Fri, 19 Dec, 10:40 Pacific