Tuesday December 16, 2003

Caroling, caroling

[One more meme, this time from Sunday Brunch]
It's either the most loved or most loathed ritual of the Christmas season: the Christmas carol. (Inspired by Bonnie having "ding dinga ding, ding dinga ding, ding dinga ding" or also known as "Carol of the Bells" stuck in her head.)
(And now, so do I. Gee, thanks Bonnie! :-)
  1. Do you have a favorite Christmas carol? If so, what is it and why is it your favorite?
  2. What is the one Christmas carol you absolutely can't stand to hear?
  3. Have you ever gone out caroling?
  4. If you had to pick a character from Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", which character would you be?
  5. How many Christmas recordings do you own?
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