Saturday November 29, 2003

Cat Show

We went to a TICA Show (Fog City Cat Club) in Pleasanton CA today. There must have been three aisles of Bengals! Lots of Bengal kittens too!

There were some splendid Maine Coon representatives including a cousin of Squirrel's (Holdermaine's Prowler) who is a Very Handsome boycat! He's a red-shaded silver (w/o white) so looks much the same as Squirrel except he has apricot tabby-marked feet)-- at 18 months he's a BIG boy with enormous feet. He will be extraordinary when he's full grown; he looks like he will have an awesome ruff. He's being shown as an alter. We've met his mama and she's a stunner so we can see where he gets his looks! ...
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Cat Show ( in category Nature/Cats ) - posted at Sat, 29 Nov, 22:58 Pacific