Saturday October 25, 2003

Cone of Silence

Do you work in "Cubeland"? Do your neighbors use the speaker phone, crack their gum, have meetings in their cubicles, talk loudly when on the phone, talk to themselves while working, "visit" with each other during the day? Are you bothered by the sounds of the nearby printers, ringing phones, coffee machines, air conditioning?

Consider investing in a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 2 headphones.

Put them on. Notice the difference.

Now, turn them on. Notice the silence.

Connect the input jack to a music source (I prefer an iPod :-). Listen.


Look for a Bose store near you and try a pair in their showroom; I think you'll agree. Sure, they're expensive ($299). But they are worth every penny.

Cone of Silence ( in category Random Thoughts ) - posted at Sat, 25 Oct, 22:22 Pacific