Sunday August 31, 2003

Rabbits? or Powder Puffs?

A friend sent me a link to Betty Chu's English Angora Rabbits pages, specifically the 2003 All Breed Best In Show & Reserve In Show winners. They are adorable... but are they rabbits? Or giant powder puffs? Or something else again? (stuffy toys? slippers? footstools??)

I sent the link to several friends. Here's one reply:

I regret to inform you that neither of your possible answers were correct. The creatures that are shown in the pictures are the mature form of the common household dust bunnies. Normally they are very quiet and quite harmless unless you are allergic to them.

These however are breeding adults. They are capable of producing thousands of offspring (just pick one up while wearing a dark sweater).

They reproduce 2 ways. Asexually by budding described above and sexually producing 2-8 offspring at a time. Best advice is to avoid them completely and prevent the adult form by frequently cleaning problem areas.

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