Monday July 28, 2003

TypePad is in sight

When I first started playing with weblogs, I used Greymatter. I didn't do much with it, and things just sort of lay fallow for about a year. Then I heard about Moveable Type at the O'Reilly Mac OS X conference and (eventually) got around to installing Moveable Type in February, 2003. I really like MT and I've been steadily adding to my journal ever since.

Fortunately (for me) but unfortunately (for many potential users) MT provides a wealth of options for configuration, most of which require a knowledge of HTML coding to use! To address this "problem", the developers of MT have announced (and will soon be releasing) releasing TypePad. ...
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TypePad is in sight ( in category WWW ) - posted at Mon, 28 Jul, 22:42 Pacific