Tuesday July 22, 2003

Science Buddies Mentoring Program

Started by a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Science Buddies gives students throughout the SF Bay Area additional support to carry out successful science fair projects. Science Buddies is currently working with over 700 participants from a seven-county area in Northern California.

Science Buddies is a peer e-mentoring program for middle and high school students involved in science fairs. The hands-on program is structured with a schedule, deliverables, and a final goal of completing a science fair project and entering it in a Bay Area science fair. Top high school science students (Mentors) are matched with less experienced students (Investigators) and take the lead mentoring role on a science fair project. The Investigator does the actual work; the high school Mentor offers guidance and feedback. Adult advisors, usually professional scientists, complete each team and back up Mentors when they need it.

Read more at http://www.sciencebuddies.org or in the San Jose Mercury News article from March, 2002.

I never did a science fair project... maybe if something like this had been in place when I was in High School, I would have.

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Doctors carry out first successful tongue transplant

A patient who doctors say is the first-ever recipient of a human tongue transplant is recovering and shows no signs of rejecting the new organ, his Austrian doctors said.
Dr [Rolf] Ewers said the team of doctors had been preparing for two years to carry out the tongue transplant, but had until now either lacked a candidate for the operation or an appropriate donor.

"And now finally after long training we were able to carry it out," Dr Christian Kermer said.

He said there is no evidence in the medical literature that such an operation has even been carried out on humans and that his team felt convinced they were the first.

Read more in this article from the Sydney Morning Herald.

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