Saturday June 14, 2003

Nature Walk

Once again, I forgot to take a camera. Sigh. Pics are representative; from But we did see these. Time to put a camera in the car; it does no good on the shelf!

Coming onto the trail we met a woman coming out carrying a lizard! She had caught him and was holding him in the palm of her hand. Either he was petrified with fear (Rich's comment) or he didn't mind; he wasn't trying to get away and she just held him on her hand, palm up, gently stroking his back with her thumb. My guess is he was hypnotized. :-) He was greeney-grey.

About 100 feet into the walk we saw another lizard on the rocks at the side of the trail; this one was dark brown. I'm not sure what kind of lizard they were (or even if they were the same kind). I'm guessing the guy in the picture ;-)

On the way back we came to a place where some people were looking at something along the side of the path. It was a snake; a man jogging by said it was a California kingsnake (confirmed on the web when I got home). He looked much like the photo here (from but ours was brown and wasn't curled up; he was slithering along. Here is an even better picture.

He was a very handsome snake. At least a dozen people stopped and watched. Unfortunately, the snake was moving north and we were heading south on the way back towards the car so we bid him adieu and came back home.

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