Monday May 12, 2003

Mama? There's a CAT in my house!

Well, today was THE DAY. Raven no longer has to live in the garage "apartment". However, we did bring his bed, litterbox, and toys up to the guest room so he can have a quiet place that's all his for timeouts for a few days.

First we went to the vet for the next step in the hookworm meds; got the tartar off the last tooth (and a hole in my finger). Got him microchipped (all our cats are chipped; they all have collars too with colored hearts; Raven's is yellow to match his eyes).

Then we came home and had a BATH. This wasn't as bad as it might have been. It helped that I wore old jeans and a long-sleeved denim shirt in the tub with the kitty! It's difficult to get much of a toehold in denim. (The other three had baths last night; Bebop was the most difficult as he has the most muscle.)

Then into the bedroom for a dry-off and wander around while the other cats were in the other part of the house. We brought the three big kids in one at a time. ...
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