Thursday May 08, 2003

Bowl of Fruit

We have a favorite restaurant we go to most often; it's a diner-style place with really good food. The vegetables are fresh (not frozen); the steaks are as tender as in a "steak restaurant". The service is fun. And they do a terrific bowl of fruit. In fact, many times the question isn't "what do I want to eat?" but "What shall I have along with my bowl of fruit?". We always have a bowl of fruit, at least a small one (in place of potatoes).

This isn't a typical restaurant bowl of fruit. For one thing, the fruit is fresh, unsugared, and hasn't been soaking in syrup or juice for hours getting soggy. A typical bowl of fruit includes bananas,strawberries, orange sections, apples, and cantaloupe. Often, there is grapefruit, honeydew, and/or pear. Sometimes grapes, pineapple, peaches, or plums make an appearance. Whatever's there, it's usually in season, most often perfectly ripe. Very tasty. ...
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A pottle of milk

One of the great unknown words in English (one of our favorites, at least) is pottle. A pottle is a liquid measure equal to 2.0 quarts - that is, half a gallon. So when you buy a half-gallon of milk, you've actually bought a pottle of milk. I like the sound of that.

Time to go to the store; we need a pottle of 1% milk.

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